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Thermal Kiosks provides a safer environment for your employees, students and visitors by screening for fevers and elevated temperatures. The on-screen display quickly notifies user of their status with a green=pass and red=fail on screen display. Easy to use and set up, the Thermal Kiosk is a stand alone unit easily used by anyone entering the premises - it does not need an employee to monitor it's operation.

Our open API allows employee/student id databases to be easily integrated. Dashboard reporting provides accurate reporting and monitoring and can be customized to fit your needs. Data can be viewed via mobile, tablet or web. Notifications of elevated temperatures can discreetly be sent by sms or email for rapid response.  

  • Scans integrate with your tracking/management system
  • Dashboard reporting
  • AI facial recognition technology with or without a mask
  • Send silent text/email alerts to manager
  • No monthly software costs
  • WiFi Enabled

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